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As my brother lit one up on a Sunday evening, I couldn’t help but wonder what he was truly inhaling into his body. As a long-time marijuana user, for medical and personal, I assumed he knew– he didn’t.

You see, he had a ritual. He would find his plastic baggy, turn on his music, sit at the dining room table, and commence to prepping his weed. He’d crumble it and break it down into tiny, itty bitty pieces. Then, he’d take out his Backwoods or Swisher Sweets, dump its contents, then began wetting the entire tobacco leaf with his saliva.

As a germophobe, I couldn’t help but cringe. Then, he’d put all the ground up weed into the leaf, rolled it, then dried it with a lighter.

He said, “that part kills the germs.” –Right.

I myself have partaken in this same ritual. When I got to college, I tried it for the first time. That was actually the first time I’d ever smoked anything, period. I noticed it was “the thing to do.” Either you smoked cigarettes, Black n’ Milds, or weed with Backwoods and Swisher Sweets. It was a socializing activity to be quite honest.

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