via Wkyc: A social media post promoting The United Skates of America led to a large turnout Saturday night. Policed called it “a large-scale disturbance.” Video on social media shows them attempt to calm what appears to dozens of screaming teenagers. At one point, a display case tips over. CLICK HERE to read story  

via Wkyc: Teenagers are finding new ways to hide drug use in plain sight. To help families and educators stay proactive, CASA for KIDS of Geauga County and the Geauga County Juvenile Court Community Outreach Program brought ‘Operation: Street Smart’ to Kenston City Schools in Chagrin Falls Township Tuesday night. “The person that’s dying right now on heroin didn’t just start with heroin,” […]

via Wkyc: Do you remember filling out job application after job application and waiting for someone to call you back? Those days could soon be in the past. A Cleveland-made app is changing the way young people apply for jobs and land an interview. “You kind of get, a lot of times, lost in communication,” […]

via News5: Two boys, ages 13 and 14, are suspects in the shooting death of a 14-year-old girl in Canton on Saturday morning, according to Canton police. Sylvia McGhee, 14, was found near 11th Street SW and Bieyl Court SW, not far from her mother’s home, around 4 a.m., police said. Sylvia was found shot […]

via TheChristianPost: Being a teen has never been easy. But it seems that today, it’s more difficult than ever before. From the social pressure of creating “Instagrammable-moments” to the disappointment that comes when not enough “likes” roll in, today’s tech culture poses challenges unseen just a decade ago. Amid this reality, speaker and best-selling author […]

via BlackDoctor: If you think your teenager is drinking or using drugs, the most important first step you should take is to directly ask them. According to research, when parents are direct and upfront about drug use, their children tend to have more self-control when it comes to illegal substances, and develop negative attitudes towards […]

via philly: Half of parents whose teenagers have had thoughts of suicide don’t know it, and more than three-quarters of parents are unaware that their youngsters think a lot about death, according to a new study Based on a survey of more than 5,000 children ages 11 to 17 and their parents or guardians, the study […]

    via popsugar: As a teenager who was entering middle school just as the cell phone craze really took hold in the late 2000s, there was nothing I loved more than texting on my Samsung flip phone. Fast forward to 15 years later, and parents have a hell of a lot more to worry about […]

via BlackDoctor: As my brother lit one up on a Sunday evening, I couldn’t help but wonder what he was truly inhaling into his body. As a long-time marijuana user, for medical and personal, I assumed he knew– he didn’t. You see, he had a ritual. He would find his plastic baggy, turn on his […]

via BlackAmericaWeb: Today’s teens are always on their smartphones, many check social media “constantly” and prefer texting over face-to-face communication. But a new poll finds that these same teens also say that social media has a positive effect on their lives, helping them feel more confident, less lonely and less depressed. The poll was released […]

via BCNN1: It’s the monthly teen activity night at church. The teens have emptied platters of sloppy joes and bowls of chips and fruit salad. They are warm, full, relaxed. They are ready to listen. The youth leader senses the mood. At the end of his short prepared study about God’s will, he asks if […]

via BlackDoctor: Some people say suck it up, others say, “you’ll get over it.” But when you’re in trouble, or feel that you have no one, it’s hard to do either one of those. Especially when your friends or support group aren’t near you. The notOK™ App takes the guesswork out of asking for help when you […]