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National Savings Day sets aside October 12 to recognize those who value the act of saving and to provide simple steps to show getting started isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

Many of us already save every day. We’ve been doing it for a long time. We collect sentimental items because they mean something to us and they evoke emotion. These objects come in all forms. It could be a treasured baseball glove your dad played catch with you; an engagement ring passed down through generations, or boxes full of t-shirts representing years of concerts. We save lots of things for extended periods of time, and they accumulate quite well.

Transfering this concept to a portion of our paycheck every month isn’t that far of a stretch. Consider the savings account your junk drawer or the sock basket. Only when it’s overflowing, you won’t be so annoyed.


To celebrate National Savings Day, Capital One is launching a contest to reward everyone who makes the conscious effort to save. Share a photo of a treasured keepsake you’ve saved and tell us why it’s special. Follow @CapitalOne and post it on Twitter or Instagram using #ShareMySave and #Contest for a chance to win weekly cash prizes of $500 or one of our $10,000 grand prizes.  For more details, go to

Use #NationalSavingsDay to be a part of the conversation on social media.

For great saving tips, visit Capital One at and use #NationalSavingsDay to be a part of the conversation on social media.


Capital One founded National Savings Day to empower people to feel more confident about their relationship with money by educating them on how saving money can be a simple, straightforward experience that fits more naturally into their lives and existing behaviors.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Savings Day to be observed annually beginning in 2017


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