School girl bullies another girl

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CLEVELAND — At least one football player was taken to the hospital after a massive fight broke out during last week’s game between John Adams High School and Glenville High School.

John Sherman, who was in the stands when the melee happened, said the teams are known rivals.

“The kids were kind of heated and words were exchanged,” he recalled. “Then when the meet and greet was happening, someone reached over and hit his own player  while trying to hit someone else and that’s when it started.”

He said police officers and school officials were eventually able to calm everyone down. Not long after that, they realized a player had been hurt and needed to get stitches.

Sherman said what was most unsettling about the violent night was the fact that parents and students from the stands got involved.

“They take the game too seriously. It’s a bunch of kids, they’re trying to learn the game,” he said.

A spokesperson for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District said its department of safety and security is now investigating the altercation, and players and other students who took part in the fight could face disciplinary action.



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