LA Focus' 21st Annual First Ladies High Tea

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On political parties: I’m not a Republican, a Democrat, nor an Independent. I vote strictly based upon my value system and I will support whatever (or whomever) is best for America.  As long as our Leaders are doing what’s best  for our country and their actions follow, I will support them, or any other leader that is put in place. However, if and when they do not then I won’t support them.  We are instructed to pray for our governmental leaders.  It doesn’t matter whether you like the president or not, you should still pray for that office because those decisions will impact our nation in some way.  For me, it’s about principles, not personalities.  Personalities are irrelevant.  It’s about the principles by which we live and how this nation was established.  We need to stop making it about political parties, stop making it about race, stop making it about celebrity status or personalities! We have to make it about principles and the values this country was founded on.  In God We Trust.

On immigration: I believe if people want to migrate to this country, then they need to do it the proper way and follow protocol.  Structure keeps us healthy.  I pride myself in living in a diverse country because I celebrate diversity however, we have to follow protocol and structure. Scripture is very clear about obeying the law of the land.  No sneaking in and living off of other people without trying to do it the right way.

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