Gospel Choir and Band Playing at a Church Service With a Priest Standing on a Pulpit

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Imagine being in church waiting for your pastor to give his sermon and looking up to see him glide down from the ceiling like Beyonce at her concerts. That’s exactly what church members at Brown Baptist Church in Southaven saw during Sunday’s service.

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According My Fox 8, Pastor Bartholomew Orr’s message was all about being ready for the return of Jesus.

Nevertheless, as he zip lined to the pulpit he said, “Are you ready? Are you ready for his return? ”

This entrance was nothing like members have ever seen before.

Pastor Orr said, “It fit with the message I was preaching. So instead of just saying it, he showed it. What better way to say He is coming back are you ready for his return? I am a prop preacher anyway, so I have used props. ”

The video since being posted has gone viral and viewed over 250,000 times.

While some loved how he got the message out one viewer said, “Props are for stage acts and shows, not for getting the message out. And I guess he will walk on water next.”

Pastor Orr has been interviewed by several news outlets since the video was posted and said, “No I didn’t expect it to go viral. I come out and someone tells me you know what it’s 250,000 views. We are like huh! ” Check out the video below of Pastor Orr!


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