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Following a home victory against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, Baker Mayfield had a request on behalf of himself and his teammates to what many consider to be the most loyal fan base in the NFL. He’d like to see more fan support.

In a post-game press conference, the rookie quarterback emphasized how important it is to win at home after the team moved to 4-2-1 this season at FirstEnergy Stadium ahead of the team’s home finale against the Bengals on Dec. 23.

“We would love to have more fan support. Today was cold, I get it, but having more people, especially at our last home game coming up, we would love to have more people in the stands cheering for us because we feed off of the energy. You can tell it is very obvious,” Mayfield said.

He added, “I do not have to say how our defense feeds off of the energy in the stadium and being able to start fast and get that going and put teams in a bind and put pressure on them.”

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