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Radio/TV personality Rickey Smiley is informing fans that he’s been in the hospital since Monday after going through a “rough” month following the death of his grandfather at the end of November.

The star of TVOne’s “Rickey Smiley For Real” explained on Instagram Wednesday that he’s listening to doctor’s orders.

“December has been a rough month. A rough, rough, rough month,” he says before inhaling through the incentive spirometer, which is used to keep lungs healthy.” “Getting up, walking around. If you’re in the hospital, better do what them doctors tell you to do. Thank you for your well-wishes … I’ve been in the hospital since Monday. I don’t know what the hell is going on, but everybody been nice. I feel better.”

Smiley did not explain why he’s in the hospital but the medical device he was videoed breathing through is typically used to help patients keep their lungs clear and active as they heal from a lung-related illness or surgery, according to Medline Plus.

Meanwhile, fans have continued to send well wishes for the comedian’s speedy recovery.

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