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Cyntoia Brown was sitting in the visiting room at the Tennessee Prison for Women on Monday morning when her lawyers walked in with the life-changing news.

“You’re getting out in August,” Charles Bone said as soon as he saw her.

Her reaction was immediate.

“She just lit up with a joy I’ve never seen before,” said Kathy Sinback, the administrator for Nashville’s juvenile court who acted as Brown’s first public defender.

Sinback said a member of the legal team asked Brown if she was disappointed it would take another seven months before she was free.

“She said, ‘Are you crazy? I was supposed to get out when I was 67 years old,'” Sinback said.

Instead, Brown is due to be released on Aug. 7. She will be 31 years old by then. She has lived behind bars since she was 16.

Brown was sentenced to life in prison in 2006 after she fatally shot a man in the back of the head while he was lying in bed beside her. But in a remarkable announcement Monday, Gov. Bill Haslam said her rehabilitation behind bars, combined with her youth at the time of the crime, warranted mercy.

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