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via News5:

When the weather gets rough, students across Northeast Ohio begin hoping for snow days.

Some wear their pajamas backward and inside-out the night before, put spoons under their pillows or flush ice cubes down the toilet.

Those infamous snow day rituals don’t always pay off and many are left wondering what it actually takes for a school to declare a snow day.

Superintendents in Northeast Ohio take many things into account when determining whether or not to close school, including amount of snow, projected snow totals, road conditions, temperature and wind chill among other reasons, but those conditions are very broad.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District provided specific conditions to be met in order to get a snow day.

The following conditions would warrant a snow day, according to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District:

  • Wind chill temperature of -15 degrees or lower
  • Freezing rain or sleet, ice on the ground or other hazardous conditions for roads
  • 5-10 inches of snow on the ground
  • 3 or more inches overnight on top of existing snow
  • Visibility of 50 feet or less
  • Poor sidewalk conditions
  • Active weather advisories or warnings

The conditions Cleveland Metropolitan School District uses to close school is not an exact guide for every school district in Northeast Ohio, but it might give students a better idea at what it really takes to get that highly anticipated snow day.

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