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*It is known as “The Talk,” a conversation nearly all African-American parents have with their children; more specifically their sons. Sanya Whittaker Gragg has written a book to help facilitate that very important conversation.

Momma, Did You Hear the News? is centered around 10-year old Avery who is disturbed by yet another unarmed black man being shot. This prompts his parents to sit down with him and his brother to talk about what to do if approached by police officers. Their Dad references a catchy chant taught to him by his mother to help remember the five things to do to “come home ALIVE”. A to the L to the I-V-E! Come home ALIVE… That is the key!

Gragg says her past experience working with kids taught her that when you add music or song and dance to a lesson, young people are more likely to engage; and more importantly, they are more likely to remember. Each letter corresponds with a reminder. For example, “V” is for VISIBLE hands always and “E” is for EXPLAIN any movement. The book encourages readers to “Memorize the 5” and mirrors what Gragg and her husband repeatedly preached to their own sons

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