Source: Aliya Faust / Interactive One: via getupmornings: Multiple Award-winning recording artist, songwriter, and author,Richard Smallwood, released his memoir TOTAL PRAISE: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY, with the Foreword written by Tony Award winner Phylicia Rashad on November 11, 2019, two weeks before his 71 birthday. In TOTAL PRAISE, Smallwood chronicles his life as a musician and composer […]

via BlackAmericaWeb/DARLENE SUPERVILLE AP: WOW!! It’s been one year since Former First Lady Michelle Obama published her Best Selling Memoir  “Becoming” It has sold over 11 MILLION COPIES!! worldwide since hitting the books shelves in November 2018. Will she write a follow up??? CLICK HERE to read full story

via BCNN1: Parker Curry, the little girl who stood in awe of Amy Sherald’s portrait of Michelle Obama at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery last year, has now written a book about her experience. Parker and her mom, Jessica Curry, collaborated on the children’s book titled “Parker Looks Up,” which came out Oct. 15. CLICK […]

via FirstLadyB: Lupita Nyong’o is set to explore the story of the Agoji, an all-female army, who Europeans called Amazons. In the documentary Lupita will journey across Benin, West Africa to uncover the ‘Agoji’ – or as Europeans labeled them, the ‘Amazons’. These armies, of up to 4,000 women, fought African and European powers from the […]

via fox17: Cyntoia Brown is hosting her first public event since being released from prison. After spending 15 years behind bars, Brown was granted clemency in August on her life sentence for killing a man who reportedly bought her for sex when she was 16 years old. Facing life behind bars, Brown worked to earn […]

via FirstLadyB: Gospel Icon BeBe Winans is Back! Recently he was on the DL Hughley show to talk about his new book “Born For This” and Bebe talked about other things as well. CLICK HERE to read story

via News5: Congrats to 7-year-old Zaray Brown with the help of her mother Briana Brown wrote a book to help kids that are struggling with the alphabet. “The purpose was to make reading a little bit more fun by her writing her own book. CLICK HERE to read story

via TheChristianPost/Jeannie Law,: No. 1 Billboard Gospel music artist J.J. Hairston & Youthful Praise recently released a new single titled “Miracle Worker” and the frontman is now sharing the miracle behind his marriage in a new book co-written with his wife. Hairston teamed up with his wife, Trina, for their new relationship book titled A Miracle […]

via TheChristianPost: Being a teen has never been easy. But it seems that today, it’s more difficult than ever before. From the social pressure of creating “Instagrammable-moments” to the disappointment that comes when not enough “likes” roll in, today’s tech culture poses challenges unseen just a decade ago. Amid this reality, speaker and best-selling author […]

via Wkyc: 14-year-old Alianna DeFreeze was brutally kidnapped and tortured while on her way to school in January 2017. Since her untimely death, her family has worked diligently to keep her legacy alive. Now, In 2019, Alianna’s legacy will continue in the form of a book. Her father, Damon DeFreeze, told WKYC that a book in […]

via eurweb: *It is known as “The Talk,” a conversation nearly all African-American parents have with their children; more specifically their sons. Sanya Whittaker Gragg has written a book to help facilitate that very important conversation. “Momma, Did You Hear the News?“ is centered around 10-year old Avery who is disturbed by yet another unarmed black man being […]

via BlackAmericaWeb RSMS: Michelle Obama’s Becoming book has been uplifting to many and now it will be used to as a vessel to inspire young black girls. Lauren Christine Mims, a former assistant director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, will be implementing a curriculum based on the New York Times bestseller to […]