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Everyday people get money taken from them by scammers and it causes a lot of problems. The Christian Post is reporting that churches are now being scammed by people posing as pastors.

This is becoming a trend and churches are putting out a warning that scammers might be using information on the church websites to trick members. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton alerted churches that members could receive a text message or email from an alleged pastor or priests that will ask them to buy gift cards to help a charity, but that isn’t the case.

Several churches in Texas have been hit by this scam. Paxton mentioned that scammers will ask the victims to send them the gift card access codes through a text message and then use the money on the card.

Paxton said, “All Texans should be aware of unsolicited calls and texts from scammers impersonating leaders in their Church. This is a dirty trick criminals are using to make a quick buck at the expense of people of faith.”

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