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Many people associate detox diets and cleansing plans with juices, smoothies, and other strange concoctions that claim to rid the body of unhealthy substances and promote rapid weight loss. Those who follow detox plans also tout psychological benefits, such as more energy and rejuvenation.

There are also colon cleanses and liver detox plans that claim to target the colon and liver. But there is no scientific evidence that one specific organ can help you to detoxify completely. Detoxification requires a team effort from your entire organ system.

Your Body’s Detoxification System

There are five organ systems (skin, kidney, intestine, lymphatic, and liver) that work day and night to metabolize fat, fight inflammation, and remove harmful toxins from your body and filter out built-up waste.

*Your skin helps you detox by providing a barrier to harmful toxins. The skin regulates body temperature and provides antibacterial protection against infection.

*The Kidney activates hormones and filters your blood to collect waste that is excreted in your urine. Your kidney also filters out fat producing substances and balances your blood

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