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DeVon Franklin, a producer of the upcoming Christian film “Breakthrough,” says he felt compelled to make a film based on the proven medical miracle that was brought about by a mother’s prayers to God. 

“Breakthrough” tells the miraculous true story of Joyce and John Smith, a mother and son who relied on the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit following a fatal accident that led doctors to pronounce John deceased for 45 minutes until he was revived following his mother’s desperate pleas to God that he be brought back to life.

“I love to make stories, movies that make the case for God,” Franklin told The Christian Post in an interview on the set of “Breakthrough” last year. “True stories, in different ways, so that someone who might not know or might be wondering, they see the film and it makes a strong argument that there is a loving God that cares for us. And when we believe in Him impossible things can happen. That’s one of the things I look for when I’m evaluating different types of stories and whether or not I feel like I’m called to do those stories and this film, and this story had that.”

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