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After making headlines for providing free haircuts for the homeless in his beloved Philadelphia, barber Brennon Jones is demanding answers on why his charitable efforts have now drawn the wrong type of attention.

In a video uploaded to Twitter by Muslim activist StanceGrounded, the Haircuts 4 Homeless founder is seen being accosted by police officers for … cutting hair?

“Philadelphia Police tying to shut down a black man giving free haircuts to the homeless,” StanceGrounded vented in his viral tweet. “THIS IS INFURIATING. THIS IS SO OUTRAGEOUS. Retweet!”

But in his quest for answers, Jones came up well short.

“A police officer approached me and told me I had to shut down immediately after receiving a call from a sergeant,” Jones told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I asked for the sergeant’s name and badge number and a legitimate excuse why. He didn’t give me any information of why I had to shut down, he just told me I had to.

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