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Legendary singer Lionel Richie had plans to become a man of the cloth.

“I left my mom and dad’s house to go to Tuskegee University, and I met my Commodore friends there,” Richie said. “At the time I was seriously considering being an Episcopal priest,” Richie told People.

But, after his first time playing with the Commodores, his plans changed.

“[But] the first time I played with the Commodores, a group of girls screamed,” he recalled. “Up until that moment no one, no girl, had ever screamed at me. I didn’t play basketball, football, baseball. I played on the tennis team, and no girl ever screamed at the tennis court. It was right after those girls screamed, I remembered saying to myself, ‘I don’t think I’m gonna be priest material.’

The Grammy award winning singer recently announced his upcoming new album Live From Las Vegas and Hello Tour.

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