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Get ready, roller coaster fans! Cedar Point is back for another season of summertime screams.

Although there isn’t a new roller coaster this year, Cedar Point is offering numerous other upgrades — including two new attractions and plenty of fresh food options. Oh, and there’s that ticket upgrade that lets you cut in line all season long.

Explore our guide below to see every single change at Cedar Point for 2019 (if the guide doesn’t appear for you below, click here to access it). If you scroll all the way down, we snuck in a preview of what’s to come in 2020.

Ticket prices

Slight increase over last season

Ticket prices at the gate this season are set at $73, which is a $1 increase from when the park opened last May.

“If guests are looking for a way to save big on admission, we recommend they always purchase on our website, as there is a significant savings there,” park spokesperson Tony Clark told WKYC back in January. currently has single-day tickets available for $49.99 with two-day ticket options at $79.99.

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