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While Maleah Davis remained missing nearly two weeks after her stepfather said she was kidnapped in Houston, there has been speculation about whether the four-year-old girl’s mother had anything to do with her daughter’s disappearance. In a bizarre twist, Brittany Bowens confirms her 26-year-old husband previously talked about how he would murder someone and where he would dump the body.

Investigators were reportedly focusing their search on the on a rural area of Rosharon, where Derion Vence once had a mail route, according to KITV.

“He actually told his mother-in-law a year ago, ‘If I ever murder someone I can dump a body in Rosharon, that will never be found,” EquuSearch Founder and Director Tim Miller said.

Miller also said that Brittany Bowens said this was true and he said this to her mother. There was supposed to be a court hearing today for 26-year-old Vence but it was abruptly canceled for reasons that were not made public. It was reported that he was going to be charged with murder.

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