via EEWMagazine/Jesse Reynolds:

May is mental Health Awareness Month, and if you’re looking for ways to build yourself up (mind, body, and soul), go ahead and sweat it out in the gym—something researchers from Oxford and Yale say could decrease mental health challenges.

Christian actress and Broadway singer, Michelle Williams, who has openly shared her ongoing struggle with depression, agrees that working out has improved her mental health, which is why she encourages others to get active.

“A part of taking care of your mental health is fitness [and] working out!” said the 38-year-old “American Soul” star in an Instagram caption alongside videos of her lifting weights, doing sideways squat walks, and battle rope exercises.  The entertainer, who is in great shape, made it clear, however, that her strength-building routines are about much more than looking good. They’re about feeling good above all.

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