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via BlackDoctor: News stories and tragedies can be hard to deal with once you’ve seen them. Social media can make events feel like they’re even harder to get through. In times of sadness and traumatic news, it’s important to protect your mental health. Here are 3 steps, according to xoNecole, that you can take now to […]

via BlackDoctor: Although new research suggests that a state-of-the-art drug, Olanzapine, does appear to be less likely than haloperidol to cause serious motor symptoms, called tardive dyskinesia, which are linked to long-term use of antipsychotics, unfortunately it doesn’t earn significant favor when compared with an older and much cheaper medication. CLICK HERE to read full […]

Former “Saved By The Bell” actress is back in the news….On an up-coming episode of Dr Oz she talks about her struggles with mental health issues. While there have been plenty of stories about what may be going on with her, she specifically shared on the show that she hears multiple voices in her head Lark’s mother, […]

via BlackDoctor: Death has a bad name in our culture, and it is all too often that a grieving person is told to “get over it”, “carry on”, or “be strong” in the midst of their grief. While these bromides may be easy to say, they are generally unhelpful and can short-circuit or interrupt the very healthy grieving process […]

via BlackDoctor: Kirk Franklin is sharing about his weaknesses…And being in the spotlight most people think they know a celebrity but in fact they don’t..We all go thru things in life. Kirk admits to weaknesses. In fact, he says more people should be brave and admit their weaknesses to focus on their own recovery. People […]

via BlackDoctor: During this period as we celebrate the holidays…Some people are grieving a loved one during the holidays. There are small but mighty ways you can show support for those who are dealing with loss and grief. Here are 6 ways to show you care this holiday season: CLICK HERE to read story

via BlackDoctor: WE have a illness in the black community that no one wants to talk about…Mental Illness, Chances are you know someone who is struggling with their mental health and they may even be dealing with a schizophrenia diagnosis. CLICK HERE to read this story  

via BlackDoctor: Here are our 7 tips to have a better work week! 1. Make An Attitude Adjustment From the very beginning, adjust your attitude. Let go of last week’s drama, it’s not going to serve you any purpose. It’s not going to help you. It’s not going to help your co-workers. Just let go […]

via BlackDoctor: It’s not a new revelation that sugar is bad for our health. High sugar intake leads to high BMI, obesity, a decline in oral hygiene, and diabetes. However, what’s not often discussed is the significant impact of a high sugar diet on mental health. There is conclusive research on the negative impact it […]

via EEWMagaizne/LaTonia Mayfield: Taraji P. Henson founded the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation in 2018 to help those in the African-American community struggling with mental health. Here are our 8 favorite quotes on mental health, faith, and more, from the dedicated advocate bringing awareness to the issues that challenge our community. On God’s role in her […]

via BlackDoctor: “You’re too young to have an opinion” I am sure that many of you have either heard these words when you were a kid or have spoken them to your own children. Oftentimes in the Black community we don’t allow our children to have opinions or to engage in any kind of conversation […]

via EEWMagazine/Jesse Reynolds: May is mental Health Awareness Month, and if you’re looking for ways to build yourself up (mind, body, and soul), go ahead and sweat it out in the gym—something researchers from Oxford and Yale say could decrease mental health challenges. Christian actress and Broadway singer, Michelle Williams, who has openly shared her […]