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via Wkyc:

There’s a new way to teach your child about stranger danger. Police say it’s important to remember strangers might not be out to take your kids — they could be fishing for information to use in a number of ways or scoping out your house to break-in later.

What would your child do if a stranger approached? Are you sure you know how they would respond? With the help of safety experts, NBC Charlotte put several local kids, including NBC Charlotte’s Sarah French’s daughter, to the test.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say it’s not enough to just ‘talk’ to kids about danger — you should test them.

CMPD helped NBC Charlotte put two groups to the test while parents, including NBC Charlotte’s Sarah French, watched.

The ‘bad guy’ in the test is Dave Fisher. He and his wife Karen run “Rad Kids” of Lake Norman. Their camps include role-playing to help kids distinguish a good stranger from a bad one.

“It’s something you need to reiterate over and over and over all the time,” Karen said.

WCNC placed a camera in Dave’s SUV for the test, one of four cameras monitoring the scene. Police notified the 911 center just in case any calls came in regarding a suspicious car in the neighborhood. Then, it was go time.

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