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Today, for the first time ever, eharmony is looking at what singles want out of their dating lives — and what they value most in potential partners. The first-ever “Singles & Desirability” study commissioned by eharmony revealed that indeed, both men and women want a partner who is kind, funny and honest. Nearly half of all singles said that honesty is the most important attribute when considering someone to date. They ranked kindness (44%) and a sense of humor (34%) as the second and third most desirable traits, respectively.

Most surprisingly — despite what we’ve heard about the dreaded hook-up culture dominating the single life — both genders, by a very wide margin, (70%), indicated that people who are interested in finding a serious relationship are more desirable than those looking for a casual fling. In fact, even though studies show that millennials tended to eschew marriage or wait longer to walk down the aisle, those who go into dating with the intention of finding someone to be with longterm tend to be more successful in doing so, the data suggests. Older millennials (77%) and Gen Xers (75%) both showed a stronger preference for serious relationships, more than other age groups.

While 2018 brought positive social change for American millennial couples, these new insights illuminate the specific desires and needs both men and women have when it comes to dating, and how those desires have shifted over the years, especially for women. Overall, singles of both genders found that honesty and kindness are the most attractive qualities in a potential partner, while men were two times more likely to desire “attractiveness.”

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