Image result for Elementary school student uses his own allowance to pay off lunch debt for his third-grade class

via fox29:

Nine-year-old Ryan Kirkpatrick had an issue with the fact that some of his fellow classmates couldn’t afford to pay for their school lunches, so he decided to do something about it.

Ryan had seen a story in the news about a kindergartner who was shamed for not having money to pay for her lunch and brought it to his mom’s attention.

“My son saw that story on the news and came to me while I was getting ready for work and he was in tears and didn’t understand why that happened,” said Kylie Kirkpatrick, Ryan’s mom.

She said they talked about how students are required to pay for lunch and that some people don’t have the money to pay for it, “and that didn’t agree with him.”

They contacted the food service department for their school district and found that the total debt accumulated by every kid at Ryan’s school added up to almost $800. The school explained to Kirkpatrick that the students accrue a debt no matter their age, which she found upsetting.

Kirkpatrick asked how much the third graders owed and it was about $75.

Ryan’s mom told him about the $75 tab and asked what he wanted to do about it. Ryan simply said, “I’m going to pay the bill.”

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