Image result for Dallas County judge responds to criticism over shaved hairstyle

via fox4news/joy105:

A Dallas County judge is using feedback about her hair as a teaching tool for young people.

Judge Amber Givens-Davis has recently presided over a few high-profile cases, including last week’s trial for Wesley Mathews.

Her hair is shaved on both sides with the top long. And she said she received a lot of emails about it during the trial.

While most feedback was positive, some comments were negative. After reading a few, the judge decided to take the opportunity to talk to young people about individuality and self-confidence.

She’s now sharing her hair experience in a series of discussions with girls from 12 to 21.

“I don’t separate my person from my job. But it just so happens that my person is being highlighted because of the audacity that I have to be myself. But my job is very serious. I take it very seriously,” she said.

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