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The name Muhammad Ali is synonymous with confidence and candor. This 1974 clip of “The Mike Douglas Show” illustrates just how Ali earned that reputation. The video gives us a rare glimpse of Sly Stone, of Sly and The Family Stone, expressing his thoughts on race relations and politics.

The video opens with Mike Douglas asking Ali whether his wife is ever concerned for his safety in the ring. It’s not a conversation that builds, but this one question leads right into Ali sharing his personal religious beliefs and views on race relations.

Ali claims he’d be more afraid of piloting a plane than getting in the ring, but says that when others spot him on their flight that it immediately alleviates their fears and they view his presence as a divine sign that they will be safe. “The wise ones,” (believe this) says Ali.

In true Ali fashion, he is outspoken about his stance on racial relations, drawing a clear divide between blacks and whites referring to the caucasian panelist as “you people” when the panel is later joined by Ohio Democratic Congressman Wayne L. Hayes.

Sly, who remained relatively quiet, was quick to speak up when Ali stated that he would never be a politician because he wouldn’t want to have the “white’s man flag hanging over” him. Sly abruptly interjects “No, you don’t,” then goes on to share his plan to change the color of the American flag.

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