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2019 Essence Festival - Day 1

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

via FirstLadyB

Soon, fans will be able to purchase Patti Labelle’s soul food at Walmart.

Ms. Patti introduced her new frozen soul food cuisine during the 25th annual Essence Festival last weekend.

Patti LaBelle took to the Essence Eats stage to introduce her new frozen soul food line in collaboration with Walmart, and gave festival attendees a taste.

“Coming soon to a Walmart near you, you’ll have my savory foods. There will be nine foods like macaroni and cheese, greens, brisket, and chicken and biscuits,” Patti shared.

During the event, Ms. Patti cooked up some greens, and mac and cheese, but also encouraged attendees to eat healthy.

“Health is important, I’m a diabetic,” said LaBelle. “And when I make macaroni and cheese I don’t usually eat it, I taste it, because I am a diabetic, for 25 years.”

“Ladies and gentleman you have to take care of yourselves and eat healthier,” she added, “but eat!”

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