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via EEWMagazine/Bethany Harris:

Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy financier, has been charged with abusing dozens of underage girls, and it’s something evangelicals should be speaking out about, according to Whoopi Goldberg.

The co-host of ABC’s daytime talker, “The View,” blasted high-profile Christian leaders like Franklin Graham—who are known to come out strong against abortion and homosexuality—for remaining silent on pedophilia and sex trafficking.

“Why isn’t the evangelical community coming forward? Where is everybody?” Goldberg wondered aloud during a Wednesday, July 10th airing of the top-rated political show. “That was worrying me, because I thought, well, one of the ways that you show that you care about people is you come out and you condemn this kind of stuff. All the folks that I’m used to hearing talk about this one is bad, or this is bad, haven’t said much, and I just was wondering where they were.”

According to Pew Research Center, around 35 percent of American adults—half of all Christians—consider themselves evangelical or born-again. White evangelical protestants are among the staunchest conservative and Republican voters in the electorate, who are unapologetically, and loudly countercultural.

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