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Are you a Christian and depressed, and feeling like you’re alone? Well, you’re not! Countless believers have—in current times and throughout the course of history—battled depression.

Now, let’s get into these 5 women and men who knew what it was to have a dark cloud of depression hanging over their head in Scripture:

Hannah (1 Samuel 1)

Hannah was so depressed, she refused to eat. She deeply longed for a son, but could not have children. Making matters worse was her rival, Peninah, the other wife of Elkanah, Hannah’s husband, who was very fertile. And she cruelly rubbed that fact in Hannah’s face. Ouch! The barren, distraught woman, wept sorrowfully and took her concerns to the Lord. He comforted her and opened her womb. Hannah, despite her fight with depression, gave birth to Samuel, one of the greatest prophets who ever lived!

Hagar (Genesis 16)

Hagar was an Egyptian handmaiden of Sarah and Abraham. When this willing servant agreed to do something good and become the couple’s surrogate, things went left. After conceiving, Hagar fell out with Sarah and ran away into the desert. While she was out there isolated, God sent an angel to tell her “the Lord has heard of your misery” (v. 11). That word misery is a Hebrew word that also translates “depression.” Here’s the great news: Her depression did not stop God from pronouncing blessings over Hagar’s life and the life of her unborn seed, Ishmael. After that moment, Hagar said “God sees me”—and He sees you too!

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