Father reading with daughter

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Families who read together succeed together.

There are more reasons than ever before for families to read aloud to their children from a young age. Besides the fact that reading creates quiet, quality family time, it develops early vocabulary skills. If that wasn’t enough to get a family reading together, check out these reasons:

  • Expands their attention span and yours. Read chapter books even to your youngest child. They may drift off to sleep, but they are listening and their attention span will lengthen.
  • It’s free. Books can be checked out from the library.
  • You can read well above a child’s level, and they will still listen and comprehend.
  • Improve listening skills. See above.
  • It’s portable. Reading doesn’t require batteries. Except at night.
  • Reading is a tool that can never be unlearned. Once a child learns to read, they never stop. You’ll know because you’ll have to stop spelling certain words to your spouse.
  • It improves imagination and creativity.
  • Reading opens up a dialogue between parent and child.

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