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via BlackDoctor:

These days, taking a stroll down the dental care aisle will open up a world of dental care possibilities. It seems like half of the products on the shelves are geared toward whitening your teeth! These whitening products can be effective, but they can also get pricey.

Here are seven foods that naturally make those pearly whites even whiter;


Although they’re notorious for giving you bad breath and making you cry, onions can actually make your teeth whiter because get this: You’re more likely to brush your teeth afterward to get rid of that oniony taste in your mouth. Plus, onions are colorless so they won’t stain your teeth and they help reduce bacteria. Who knew onions could be so great for your oral hygiene?

Celery and Carrots

Due to their high water content, celery and carrots help whiten your teeth because they help to stimulate saliva production and saliva washes away food debris.

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