Finding fun things to do online

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via BlackAmericaWeb:

Having fun with everyone is the way to go to make the mood more exciting! If you and your partner are finding yourself drained from working and trying to entertain your kiddos, are some ways to make indoors fun for you and the family:

Set up a treasure hunt.

Setting up a treasure hunt is an easy idea to get your kids occupied and out of the way, but yet still fun! Take a break to hide some items for your kids to find and create a list for them to follow along. Do a mixture of items inside and outside and this will keep them entertained for hours.  Incorporate a prize at the end to ensure that they will not bother you until it is completed.

Bake with something together.

Order some cookie dough or a cake and teach the kids how to bake!  This can be a great bonding tool to do things as a family.

Incorporate social media.

TikTok is really a huge trend that all the kids love.  Take this time to do what all the kids are doing and learn to be in their world.  Learn some dances or some skits with them and I’m sure this will be an activity they’ll love that you shared with them.

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