Dorothy Height was an imposing figure who led a long, active life. In celebration of the late civil rights leader and activist, her book, “Living with Purpose: An Activist’s Guide to Listening, Learning and Reading,” was presented to her sorors at the 50th Anniversary Delta Sigma Theta Convention this summer in New Orleans.

Along with her title as the chair and president emerita of the National Council of Negro Women, Height was also the 10th president of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.

“Dorothy dedicated her life’s work to inspiring people and giving them the tools to move forward and work together for the highest good,” said former Secretary of Labor Alexis M. Herman, who wrote the book’s introduction.  “Through ‘Living With Purpose,’ that work is continuing. It is her final gift not only to the millions whose lives she positively impacted, but also hopefully to millions more who will be inspired to follow in her footsteps.”

Hermann presented the first copy of the first edition of “Living With Purpose” to President Barack Obama, while the second and third copies went to the current presidents of the National Council of Negro Women and Delta Sigma Theta. In keeping with the presidential theme, President Bill Clinton wrote the book’s foreward.

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