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1. Register and Verify

What You Need To Know:

The primary campaign season continues. Today is Primary Election Day in the state of Massachusetts.

2. Farewell To Black America’s Coach

What You Need To Know:

Hall of Fame coach John Thompson Jr. passed away at the age of 78.

3. Coronavirus Update: Amid Public Distrust, Doctors Call for Independent Review of New Vaccine

What You Need To Know:

As vaccine manufacturers prepare to put a cure for Covid-19 on the market, several physicians and health experts nationwide are attempting to create an independent commission to review data from coronavirus vaccine trials before a vaccine is released on the market.

4. 50 Years After Its Beginning, the Black National Convention is Revived

What You Need To Know:

With the goal of beginning a new Black political agenda in an America, Black leaders met in Gary, Indiana in 1972 for the first national Black Political Convention.

5. Very Trendy: MLB And NBA Hire New Chief Inclusion Officers

What You Need To Know:

As sports leagues across the country hit pause on their season to combat social justice issues, the MLB and NBA hired Black Chief Diversity executives to oversee new social inclusion strategies.

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