1. Politics Rules on Day One of Supreme Court Nominee Hearing

What You Need To Know:

Twenty-two days before the end of the 2020 election season, the Senate Judiciary Committee opened the confirmation hearing into the Supreme Court Nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

2. Early Voters Coast to Coast Are Experiencing Technical Glitches at the Polls…and Worse

What You Need To Know:

As voters nationwide begin casting their ballots through mail-in and early voting during the pandemic, many are facing several obstacles in trying to make their voices heard.

3. Coronavirus Update: New Study Finds Covid-19 Virus Can Survive for 28 Days on Some Everyday Items

What You Need To Know:

A recent study by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, finds that the coronavirus can survive on certain surfaces for up to 28 days, longer than the flu virus.

4. In New Essay Series, Colin Kaepernick Calls for End to Policing and Prisons

What You Need To Know:

In a new series of essays, former NFL quarterback and activist Colin Kaepernick envisions an America without police or prisons.

5. House Passes $2.2 Trillion Dollar Second Stimulus Bill, Is Racial Equity Lacking For African Americans?

What You Need To Know:

As Democrats and the Trump administration struggle to strike a relief deal, the House passed a revised $2.2 trillion HEROES coronavirus stimulus plan.

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