1. Supreme Court Rules Trump Administration Can Stop Census Count While Appeal Plays Out

What You Need To Know:

In a win for the Trump administration, the Supreme Court has granted a request this week from the administration to stop the 2020 census count while an appeal takes place over a lower court’s order that it continue until October 31.

2. Judge Barrett Fails to Convince Democrats on Keeping an Open Mind in Court

What You Need To Know:

Despite some technical snafus that delayed questioning, the third and final day of the nomination hearing of Judge Amy Coney Barrett came to an end.

3. Coronavirus Update: New Study Says Pandemic Will Cost Americans Trillions over the Next Decade

What You Need To Know:

According to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the coronavirus pandemic will cost Americans $16 trillion.

4. Is Texas Becoming a Battleground State?

What You Need To Know:

According to recent polls, Texas will go to Trump in the presidential election. But in the historically red state, Biden is polling close to his Republican challenger, and the Democratic hopeful thinks he has a chance of flipping Texas blue for the first time in over four decades.

5. How Artificial Intelligence Could Be The New Play To Increase Minority Homeownership

What You Need To Know:

Artificial Intelligence and its inherent bias may not be as judgmental as previously thought, at least in the case of home loans.

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