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Since March we all having been weathering the COVID-19 pandemic together for the most part with our fearless leader in Ohio Mike Dewine navigating our ship to hopefully flattening the curve so that we all can return to our normal lives pre-COVID-19.  Unfortunately it looks like we still have a long road to tow as it is being reported that Northeast Ohio big dog counties Cuyahoga and Summit are back in the red.

In our weekly COVID-19 update given by Governor Mike Dewine today Dewine unveiled the state’s latest coronavirus public health advisory system, which grades how each of Ohio’s counties are fairing relating to the pandemic. Northeast Ohio is hardly alone in this regard as 29 of Ohio’s 88 counties are currently listed as red, which indicates “very high exposure and spread.” Altogether, 65 percent of Ohioans are currently living in red counties...Read More

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