The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many to depend on food delivery to help with social distancing or for those stricken by COVID-19 or quarantining from exposure as means to get food when they can’t leave their home, not to mention helping local restaurants still be able their doors open by providing a food service with their restaurants declining because of lack of dine-in.  In what would be an effort to make sure everything stays fair to everyone across the board and to curb possible gouging, on December 9th Cleveland’s city council passed legislation limiting how much delivery services like DoorDash could charge businesses in an effort to help small restaurants and businesses that have been struggling financially during this pandemic.

Seems fair, right? Maybe to some but not so much so to DoorDash so instead of complaining about the legislation, they went around it by implementing the “Cleveland Fee”, now Cleveland City Council is mad.

Cleveland City Council’s president had harsh words for DoorDash over the food delivery service passing an additional fee on to Clevelanders, after the council voted to limit what these kinds of companies can charge businesses in the area. Read More

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