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A day after Black Twitter dragged their new album “Us Against The World,” gospel singing couple David and Tamela Mann felt the need to clear the air about their latest project.

On Wednesday (Dec. 19), the sanctified couple took to Facebook to post a video politely calling out the media for “clowning” them, clarifying who the album is for and what it’s really about.

In short, Mr. Mann is clear: This is for folks who “simply want some booty.”

“So they talking about like ‘church,’ it’s for Christian people. This is for people who simply wanna get some booty,” he says, pounding his fist on the table.

Tamela interjects, providing a more softer perspective,: “This is a love album…”

But David isn’t having it: “It’s for when you want get booty…if you married, tear it up. Do what you do.”

“But if…some people aren’t married and be tearing it up…saints are tearing it up and they not married,” Tamela reminds him.

“Well, we’re not talking to y’all,” he replied looking into the camera, but he clarifies that “the album is not just for Christian couples. It’s just good, clean love music.”

Soon after, Tamela brings up that “God is love,” and David stresses that he doesn’t want this to get churchy, because this isn’t about God per se.

“Mama, I’m not thinking about the Lord when we’re doing it. I’m not calling the Lord’s name. It’s your name.”

Take a look at this hilariousness for yourself:


The couple recently spoke to the Christian Post, telling the publication that “Us Against The World” is a departure from Tamela’s staple gospel sound and celebrates the couple’s 30-year union using R&B grooves.

“It was different for me, it was really different, even though I was happy to think about the man that I love [while singing],” Tamela told CP, adding, “it made me even look at him differently, and in all honesty, we tested it out and it really worked.”


All I want to know is what do the saints think?

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