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An unusual “string of lights” was reported to local news outlets last night, and it has Northeast Ohio residents wondering exactly what is going on.

FOX 8 reports that they received numerous notifications just after 10:30 p.m. Monday night. The lights were spotted in the night sky over Northeast Ohio.

Did you see them!?

From FOX 8:

One viewer from Portage County said he was walking his dog in Aurora when he looked up into the sky to see if he could spot Venus.

“What I saw shocked and puzzled me,” said the viewer. “The string was followed by a gap with a dimmer light at the trailing end.”

According to the report from FOX 8, a local astronomer named Jay Reynolds has the explanation. In his statement to FOX 8, he said, “What we are seeing is the initial low Earth phase of these satellites, leaving their housing and reflecting light back to Earth. This is an unintentional reflection of sunlight.”

To read the entire FOX 8 report, [click here].

So, are you buying that the weird lights spotted over Cleveland and other areas of Northeast Ohio were just satellites? If you have a different response we’d certainly love to hear it!


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