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Check Your Roots | Ericaism

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You know how back in the day when everybody’s getting perms, you know, we natural now so won’t get perms and stuff like that. We understand the level of toxicity that it was putting in our system and putting those people because on our hair, putting on those chemicals, on our hair. But all of the efforts were to straighten our hair right, to get through the kinks, to make sure that the roots are good.  

And I wonder, are we still just as concerned about our roots, our spiritual roots, our emotional roots, our family roots, where they go and, what they’re connected to?  

I had the pleasure of going to the woods, to the forest, the Redwood Forest in California, up north which is about 7 hours outside of LA. And it is so beautiful. I told you guys a little bit about it before, but I learned that in order for these trees that are over 300 years old, in order for them to stand, their roots have to be greatly intertwined. So the roots don’t go deep, but they go wide and they interconnect with other trees and so they share the moisture and they share the soil. That’s the roots of a tree. There’s no way to have a forest without multiple trees. 

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Check Your Roots | Ericaism

And so if you look at your life as a tree on being able to grow, grow tall and grow rich and and allow the sun to pour into you, where are your roots? Where are you based? Many people don’t go to church anymore because you’ve been devastated. But that doesn’t mean that God changed his mind about your roots. Where are you rooted? Where are you planted? Where are you connected? Who nurtures you? Who speaks into your life? And I thank you for those who called and listen to me in the morning and and the other shows that you may listen to and maybe even scrolling, but you should be planted in a house where they can see you talk to you, hold you accountable, check up on you, maybe even if you need correction, receive that too. I had the best, best conversation on Labor Day with some family members. That said, we understand that you are my big sister and all of that and, but you’re also my first lady and I want to be led and I want to be taught and I want to be corrected and it was so much honor in that conversation to me. But it makes me think of my roots. That’s how I was. I didn’t mind being corrected. I didn’t mind being counseled or being sat down if that was necessary. But they also were my source of encouragement. They also pushed me forward. They also poured into me and taught me the things that I now share with you.  

Those are my roots. Where are your roots? Where are you entertained? Is it a bad relationship? Is it tangled in the brokenness of your past and your family, or the disappointment or things that you kind of ignore because you don’t have the emotional space or the capacity to deal with it? And so you just let it go. But guess what, if you never deal with it, give it attention. Those are still, your roots. 


And you need to deal with it and process so you can be healed whole and complete and grow in a healthy way. You know what I mean? And pread your branches and reach other people and bear healthy fruit. And that fruit, all that fruit gives God glory, but it all starts with your roots. Check your roots. Sometimes even if you’re angry. What is the root of that emotion. You’re not just anger to be angry. There’s something else under there. Look under the hood. Dig a little bit deeper, find out what’s going on with you. Don’t just float through life. I want you to really have the joy of the Lord. I want you to really grow in a healthy way, not grow in a direction because it’s a default setting. I was always broken, so I want to put people together because sometimes the help that you’re giving to other people is really the help you wanted as a child. 

Check your roots. You’re not by yourself because you enjoy being by yourself, but you are by yourself as a child and no one gave you the attention that you needed. So you feel like it’s not necessary, so you cut off people that want to be around you, love you, nurture. 

 Check your roots.

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