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Micah Dixon LIZZEN interview

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Akron’s Own Lizzen: “Life Just Makes The Lyrics Come To Me”

Akron’s own Lizzen stopped by The Micah Dixon Show to talk about everything from her start in music, viral TikToks, and what’s next in her career!

Lizzen sings R&B and is very active on social media. While her videos typically see views into the thousands, a recent clip of her singing a snip of her song Why has recently gone viral, with views on TikTok spilling into the 65k range.

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When Micah about how growing up and living in Akron has influenced her music-making ability, Lizzen calmly responded, “Not just only Akron, but just being relatable to everybody’s situation.” She went on, “They always ask me, ‘Where do you come up with all these lyrics? Where do the stories come from? And I be like, just scrolling Facebook.”

Yes, Lizzen is certainly down-to-earth and very humble, though her music allows her to shine her light through a different lens. Her warm voice and raw emotions shine on every track, and Lizzen is certainly an artist in Ohio to keep your eye on!

Check out the full interview below, and be sure to catch up with Lizzen and Micah Dixon all across social media!


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