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Gabby Prescod summer house

Source: Gabby Prescod

We get to see Gabby Prescod’s love of luxury on Bravo’s Summer House, where the Fashion Director of Blanc Magazine flexes her classic style for the cameras. Her Taurus sun explains her natural gravitation toward the overindulgence of all things opulent. Prescod prioritizes anything that piques her five senses, from rich scents to products that feel great on the skin and everything in between.

Self-care used to be viewed as a luxury until women began owning their right to be pampered. Investing in yourself is no longer a reward for hard work but a requirement for self-preservation. Not only is taking care of yourself essential, but it’s as crucial as keeping the body hydrated.

As we approach National Self-Care Day on April 5, we decided to get advice from an expert in luxury. In an exclusive interview, Prescod shares a staple item in her self-care routine, and she highlights her must-have beauty products.

Gabby Prescod says this body wash is self-care in a bottle.

For the ultimate shower experience, Prescod says she uses Beloved, a vegan bath and body collection. Each bottle boasts a scent intended to accommodate your mood for the day. If you need relaxing vibes, the Calm body wash offers a clean aroma to soothe your nerves, but if you’re feeling festive, the Vibe body wash will waken your senses with its vibrant, floral scent.

“I’m a Taurus, so I love being indulgent, having self-care, and all of that stuff. I love products that make that easier for me and give me the experience. It’s easier for me to have that experience without seeking it out. So, if it’s incorporated into my daily routine, it’s even better. And that’s what Beloved is like right now,” she tells me.

Beloved Vegan body wash

Source: Courtesy of Beloved 

“We were hosting an event, and straight off the plane, I used Shine because I was so jetlagged. Shine has nectarine and vitamin C, so it gave me a little bit of a boost. I think it lends to whatever personality, mood, or vibe you wanna put out there —there’s something for everyone in that. And it makes you feel luxurious, which we all love,” she continues.

“It’s so easy with this new line of shower gels to incorporate that kind of luxury into your everyday routine. And it’s so much better because there’s such a wide range in this launch. So whatever you are feeling, you can find something to accommodate that.”

Gabby Prescod says this must-have beauty product should be part of everyone’s skincare routine.

The phrase “Black don’t crack” was created because we defy that laws of aging. The proof is in the melanin. Having a youthful appearance is an advantage, but maintaining a a good skincare regimen is key to preserving your look.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I do not have sunscreen on—365 days a year. It is on my face all of the time. Even if I’m sitting in my house, it’s on my face because my windows are open. There’s sunlight coming through, and the sun is the thing that’s going to age you the most. So, instead of getting Botox, use sunscreen,” Prescod says.

Gabby Prescod summer house

Source: Gabby Prescod

As far as her routine, uses a variety of products that contribute to her healthy glow.

“I use Dr. Barbara Sturm on my face. I use her facial foaming cleanser, her hyaluronic drops for anti-pollution drops, and her brightening serum. I also use Du Skin, a brand started by two of my really good friends. I use their serum, Deliverance. I use their eye cream, Oracle, and I use their moisturizer,” she says.

Gone are the days of quick skincare routines. Now, there are a variety of products that can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and more. From under-eye creams to serums, developing a multi-step routine that involves more than a cleanser and moisturizer can drastically improve your skin.

“It’s a commitment you’re investing your time into. My mom always asks me what products she should use. And I’m like, listen, lady, I love you to death, but you do not have the patience for a multiple-step routine. You want something fast and easy, and, unfortunately for you, that won’t work. You want to commit to this, or you don’t otherwise stop asking me for help – I can’t help.”

Full face glam, with a side of chapstick.

Prescod admits makeup wasn’t her thing until she joined the Summer House group and saw the various levels of glam. “I saw how everyone did their faces. I was like, oh, I need to learn,” she says.

Gabby Prescod summer house

Source: Gabby Prescod 

“I will do a full face and then put on chapstick and walk out the door. That’s psychotic. That’s my serial killer trait, for sure. So if am doing a lip, it’s usually either like a red lip, or I do like a super dark, black, or a deep purple,” she says. “I’m very partial to Chanel. It’s a red lip paint.”

To Keep up with Gabby Prescod, follow her on Instagram, and tune into Summer House every Thursday at 9pm.


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