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A 340-year-old Bible found in a Wisconsin Lutheran church may or may not enhance understanding of the text, but it certainly is providing a new perception of “pigskin” in Packer country.

The Bible was found in Bonduel, WI by sixth-grade teacher Debra Court. She discovered it in a safe two years ago while attempting to find baptismal records. Hardly the usual place to find a Bible!

The 340-year-old Bible’s age was not determined until the Concordia Seminary Library was consulted, according to WLUK-TV’s website. That is when it was revealed to be a copy of a translation by Martin Luther and printed in Germany in 1670.

The pastor of St Paul Lutheran School, Rev. Timothy Shoup, has no idea how the Bible got into the safe. But he’s very pleased to know it was there. Just owning one of 40 copies of that particular edition has enhanced his faith, he said.

A Bible that old might be expected to be falling apart. But it was found to be in relatively good condition. The brass clasps remained intact and the pigskin cover was fairly sound. Definitely a testament to old-time handcrafting.

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