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Fourth- and eighth-graders in Ohio public schools did better than average on a national reading test given last year.

But as was the case in most other states, scores didn’t change much from the last National Assessment of Educational Progressin reading, given in 2007. And gaps remain stubbornly wide between students from different racial and ethnic groups and income levels, according to the results released Wednesday.

“Reading is the foundation for all learning, and I am proud of Ohio’s educators and students for their dedication to reading achievement,” State Superintendent Deborah Delisle said in a statement.

In Ohio, 36 percent of fourth-graders tested proficient on what’s known as “the nation’s report card” compared to 32 percent across the United States. Similarly, 37 percent of the state’s eighth-graders were proficient compared to 30 percent nationally.

Only five states – most in New England — had average scores significantly higher than Ohio on the fourth-grade test, and only three states did significantly better on the eighth-grade test.

But statistically speaking, Ohio’s average score is about the same as 21 other states’ for fourth-grade and 20 other states’ for eighth-grade.

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