Michelle's got a problem with Barack


First Lady says it’s all about Prez’s tennis game. What’s President Barack Obama’s most annoying habit?  Practicing his speeches for hours in front of the bathroom mirror? Talking too much foreign policy at the dinner table?

No — the super fine looking first lady, Michelle Obama, said Friday it’s his tennis game. When they play, the president usually wins.

“He beats me quite often,” she said on NBC’s “The Jay Leno Show,” appearing via satellite hookup from the White House. “That gets to be pretty annoying.”

The show was taped earlier for airing Friday evening.

In a brief skit, Leno pushed her to talk about her husband’s flaws. At first, she sarcastically said he has none.

“He’s perfect,” she quipped.

Then she let it out: It’s their battles on the tennis court that get her peeved.

Article courtesy of : Eurweb

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