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“Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” – 1 Corinthians 15:33

How would you describe the health of your relationships? Be honest, because it’s crucial for your life.

There are four types of people in your life: people who add, people who subtract; people who multiply, and people who divide. If you are presently involved in relationships that prey on your heart and rob you of control over your life, it’s time to make a change.

A healthy relationship is one in which there is balance. There is give and take and mutual appreciation and a building up of each other. It is one in which honest words of appreciation are exchanged without any hint of manipulation. Healthy relationships come along with people who have a common direction or destination—common values and goals. If you do not have a common direction, you will always be in conflict.

The associations in your life show your value system. Associate only with people who add or multiply your life. If a person is subtracting or dividing, you need to separate from that person. Never compromise your character for anyone. Don’t give power to any person to manipulate and control. No person can make you lose your joy, your temper, or any other aspect unless you give that person that power. Don’t do it!

Trust God to help you recognize when a relationship is becoming detrimental to you, to your ministry, or to the health of your family life. Trust God to give you the courage to end the relationship, and then trust Him to give you broad shoulders and thick enough skin to take the criticism that you may face for ending the relationship. Put some distance between yourself and those who speak discouragement into your life.

It takes emotional energy to end a relationship, and if you cut every unhealthy relationship out of your life at one time, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the loss. Cut unhealthy relationships out of your life one at a time until you can look around you and say, “All of my relationships are pleasing to God.”

In all your relationships, don’t demand from people what only God can give. Only God can give you a deep awareness of how infinitely valuable and precious you are to Him, and what a glorious destiny He has for you. Only God can see and meet the unfulfilled needs in your life that even you don’t recognize. Only God can fix your heart. Only God can mend your mind. Recognize that no other human being can ever complete you, and you’ll save yourself a world of hurt.

Related Texts: 1 Samuel 18:1–3; Proverbs 17:9, 17; 18:24; 22:24–25; Ecclesiastes 4:9–10; Daniel 2:17–18; John 15:13

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