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I ‘ve realized that secrets can kill your spirit if you let them. They hold you hostage to your past, but sometimes you don’t realize that’s what’s happening. We tell ourselves “its nobody’s business but mine” which is true, but the acknowledgment of whatever the issue is or was, is more for you than anybody else.

It’s something about speaking out loud to your situation or problem. Things can and will change, but you have to let it out. You can deal with it. If you admit you did it, or it was done to you, face it, and forgive, and make the decision to live it down you release yourself from the hold the whole situation has on you. And yes it is holding you if your still holding on to it. Just go ahead and testify so that thing of the past or the present can finally become a testimony. Let it on out, let it go, and free yourself! My momma told me, Baby you can Live Anything Down! Nobody else can free you if you choose to hold on to the embarrassment, hurt or humiliation.

Don’t worry about people, Yes they will remember stuff, but who cares! Why don’t you just help them to stop laughing at you by inviting them to laugh with you, about you. Grow past it, get over it and live baby! Don’t let that stuff hold you hostage. It’s time to be released from that prison you’ve been confining yourself to.

Your problems can become stepping stones even lessons for the next person that will go through the same problem. You can use it to liberate someone from the mental prisons we keep ourselves in that tell us we don’t deserve love and life, we don’t deserve to be happy, to be free to excel, and have peace of mind. Transform your thinking. The problem or issue shouldn’t define you. You are not the mistake that you may have made. You are not the bad thing that happened to you. Don’t be the angry, sad, downtrodden version of yourself. You’re better than that and you deserve better now. Right now! No more pity parties. Let it Go! Live, Forgive, Love, and Free Yourself!

Love Big; Live Big; Give Big …. Do Something Big!

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