CLOSE was fortunate enough to speak with Bynum regarding her current and upcoming projects, how men perceive her and overcoming pain, among other things.  In fact, this is what she had to say about how she sees herself overall, her most recent pains and how she is recovering:  

“I see Juanita Bynum’s life as an adventure as well as a testimony and an example of strength to the everyday person,” she confided to EURweb’s Lee Bailey.  “I see Juanita Bynum as an individual who doesn’t have a mask.  I see Juanita Bynum as a person who is unafraid to live life out loud and, hopefully, some of the mistakes and experiences will become teachers for other people that are on looking. And that’s exactly what Juanita Bynum has become.

“I would say I’ve come through the transition already,” she continued. “I would say I’m on the heels of  being able to become an example of strength, an example of ‘it doesn’t matter how far you go, and what happens to you, you always have the power to start again.’ I believe that’s what provoked the project the ‘Diary of Juanita Bynum’ and I believe that’s what provoked the earlier project ‘No More Sheath.’  I believe the greatest messages of our lives are those that we live and not those that we read about.  And I believe, like ‘No More Sheath,’ the ‘Diary of Juanita Bynum’ is me, once again allowing people to see my life on a plate, and having nothing to hide, and my vulnerability to God.”

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