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You can overcome every habit, because God has clearly stated that you can. Isn’t that amazing? That’s a blessing! You are not involved in a hopeless fight. Oh, hear me if you are suffering a habit. The fact that God says “Do it!” is a joy. You can beat it.

Some of you have resolved that you are hooked for life. That’s a lie. God gave you authority over that habit when He demanded that you rule the earth. Don’t walk around with the hopeless idea: “I’ll always be an addict. I’ll always be an alcoholic. I’ll always be like this.”

God has placed within you the ability to dominate everything. It is there. It is in you. The problem isn’t that you can’t control your habit; the problem is that you won’t.

People say: “I know I shouldn’t be doing this.” In reality that means: “I don’t want to do this. Something is wrong with this but I can’t help myself.”

I have news for you—good news. It’s more “I haven’t decided to stop doing this,” than “I shouldn’t be doing this.” You have what God demands. God will never demand anything He’s not already provided for. Whatever God calls forth, He sees. God commanded you to dominate the earth, and the truth is you can.

Stop being ruled by cocaine or marijuana. Don’t be the victim of alcohol and money. They are all but leaves from the trees that we are supposed to be dominating. Don’t allow yourself to be at the beck and call of a little bottle that says: “Come here—come drink me.” Don’t allow yourself to be controlled by leaves from Columbia. The only way to escape these and other dominating habits is to understand your purpose for being. God did not create you to be dominated by sex or chemicals. He did not create you to be controlled by anything. He created you so you could control the earth.

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